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WHATThe Equine Elderly Program provides equine assisted therapy services seniors.
WHYTo transform lives through animal-assisted services, improve social and emotional well-being in a safe environment and build resilience and inclusive communities.
WHEREEquine Elderly Program. EQUAL.

Program Description

“Those with depression became more vocal. They were seen talking more and expressing their affection with the horses. Residents with anger issues were also calmer after the therapy sessions. Most surprising of all was the impact on two residents with dementia. They were able to recall their time spent with the horses and the names of their favorite horses. This program was a great success and we look forward to bring more residents to EQUAL in 2018."
- Mr. Victor Seng, Executive Director of St Theresa’s Home

“This is a psycho-social care program that aims to improve the emotional well-being of elderly with dementia or depression, through a combination of Person-Centered Care and Animal-Assisted Learning.”


The Equine Elderly Program is facilitated by instructors and serves seniors living in nursing homes and other organizations.

The equine assisted therapy program is appropriate for elderly aged 65 and above, especially those with dementia and depression, living in institutions or the community.

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