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WHAT Rehabilitation, subacute, nursing home and long-term care services for non-resident Indians (NRI's), Americans of Indian descent and South-Asian Senior Citizens.
WHYTo cater to Indian South-Asian Senior Citizens by providing a facility where they can receive nursing care in a manner in which their culture is respected and language understood.
WHEREAristaCare Indian Program at Alameda Center.
Indian Nursing Home Program for Sub-Acute Rehab and Long-Term Care.
Dr. Mukund Thakar-President and Founder.
Perth Amboy,New Jersey,USA.

Program Description

"When an elderly family member needs Subacute or Long Term Care, it is important that they be where their culture is respected and language understood which allows them to maintain a connection with their former lifestyle and culture."

"In three of our AristaCare Centers, we provide an individualized care program for our Indian patients which includes specialized Indian physicians and nursing staff, food, religious services, activities, decor, TV, music, newspapers, atmosphere, and customs that are tailored to the Indian culture, enabling patients to maintain a connection with their preferred lifestyle. Being in this familiar environment enhances our Indian patients' social lives and hastens their health and rehabilitation."

The specialty nursing care facility is the first of its kind for Indian, South-Asian Senior Citizens living in the United States.

One of the goals of the facility is for Indian seniors living in the United States to maintain a connection with their lifestyle and culture even as they age. When elderly are no longer living with their families they may be at risk for loosing their traditional way of life and cultural routine. AristaCare Indian nursing homes allow Indian elderly to keep a connection and age in a way which is familiar to them.

Nursing care staff and Doctors speak South-Asian Languages such as Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati. Religious services, such as pooja and other prayer or temple activities and media are available along with an Indian food diet.

AristaCare Indian nursing care is available in the United States at the following New Jersey based locations: AristaCare at Alameda Center, AristaCare at Cedar Oaks and AristaCare at Whiting. AristaCare also offers specialty Hispanic nursing care through a cultural Program at Alameda Center and a Jewish nursing care program at AristaCare in Cedar Oaks.








Kings Harbor Indian Nursing Home Program - New York, USA. Nursing home care for Indian Seniors and those from other cultures including the West Indies, the Caribbean and others. So that Indian seniors can communicate in their language of choice, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati or English.

Guru Nanak Niwas Independent Living Facility Program - Vancouver, Canada
Assisted living facility and nursing home for South Asian, Indo-Canadian seniors. Staff is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and Fijian Hindi.

Neem Tree Care Indian Nursing Care and Dementia Unit - United Kingdom. Neem Tree Care provides 24-hour nursing and dementia care for elderly South Asian Indian cultures, Punjabis, Gujrati's and Hindus living in the UK.

Non-Resident Indian Parents Association Charity Program: A group of Indian seniors who's adult children have moved out of India to live abroad gather to provide support for each other and charity to other seniors.

Door Step Doctor Program - India
In-home healthcare service for seniors living in India who have children living abroad.

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