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WHATAction Pact helps senior living communities including nursing facilities transform from large, non-personal, formal care models into person-centered households.
WHYTo provide older adults with a more home like experience which will allow them to live with comfort, meaning and purpose.
WHEREAction Pact.
Across the USA.

Program Description

"Action Pact consultants pair extensive and first-hand knowledge of nursing home operation and transformation with resources and facilitation skills to help move your organization along its culture change journey. From getting the ball rolling, to moving into households, our consultants offer customized guidance, training and a road map for involving everyone in your organization in the transformation to home."

The Household Model changes a traditional nursing facility or designs a new senior living community into households of 14-20 residents, with their own kitchen, dining room, living room and small spaces such as a den, patio, or front porch.

Action Pact provides consultation and training to senior living communities in order to transform an organization’s culture, structure, and operations. The organization also provides design consultation for facilities creating a new household friendly design or retrofitting an existing senior living community.

Action Pact has a wealth of culture change information including consultations, workshops, videos, webinars and the organization also publishes the ‘Culture Change Now’ magazine for long term care professionals looking to transform the outdated nursing home culture.

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