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WHAT Parkour Dance Forever Young is a senior fitness program combining parkour (obstacle course type movement by using only the human body and ones surroundings) along with dance and yoga.
WHYTo provide older people with an innovative, fun form of exercise, self expression and socialization.
WHEREParkour Dance.
London, England.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

"...if you're over 60 with a replacement hip and rheumatoid arthritis, a scramble over a park bench can be as Herculean as jumping skycrapers. A group of older people in south London are determined to do just that, attending a new class for people over 60 which teaches the principles of parkour namely overcoming physical obstacles in an urban environment... the class eschews giant leaps for careful steps, ensuring physical and mental boundaries are pushed safely, without broken bones."

" 'Parkour is all to do with facing fears and taking risks,' Jade explains. 'Taking that little step over the bench can be a really big deal for older people who are afraid of falling. But if every week they are practising the same skills, they are going to be more confident and trust their own bodies.' "

–Jade Shaw source: Article: 'Parkour Classes are Helping Pensioners Stay Agile and Active'

Parkour classes for seniors are taught in a fun relaxed manner but encourage participants to challenge themselves if they are physically capable of a movement.

The classes focus on play and exploration through movement with the aim to engage and strengthen the body to sustain and improve functionality. Older people are free to explore and learn movement in a safe and structured environment led by professionals.

Exercises for seniors start out slow, gentle and gradual. Movement is then adjusted and may be increased depending on the participant’s confidence and progress level.

Fitness for seniors is reported to prevent some of the effects and reduce progression of dementia, heart attack, parkinsons, stroke, depression, diabetes and psychosis. When older people exercise it can help prevent falls and feelings of loneliness.

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