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WHATProvides financial, social and case management support to relatives who opt to become legal guardians.
WHYTo help support grandparents and other kinship caregivers and connect them to services such as child care, education, health care, and financial help.
WHEREKinship Guardian Assistance Program.
Department of Family Services Children and Families.
Virginia, USA.

Program Description

“When it has been determined that neither reunification with parents or adoption is in the best interests of a child in foster care, permanency can often be achieved by placement with a relative caregiver. Many relatives would like to provide stability for their family members’ children, but may not be able to due to the additional financial burden.”

“The foster parent must be related by blood, marriage, or adoption to the child or have an established relationship with the child/family otherwise known as ‘fictive kin.”

The Kinship Guardian Assistance Program provides ongoing financial and case management support to relatives who opt to become legal guardians. Unlike adoption, parental rights do not need to be terminated in order for guardianship to be established. 

Grandfamilies can use KinGAP payments for:

  • Respite care
  • Day care
  • Parenting classes caregivers’ parenting skills and communication skills to relationship building, conflict resolution, self-care, and managing stress.
  • School supplies, activity fees
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Costs associated with filing for guardianship
  • Driver’s education for older children
  • Time off from work for court appearances, visits to schools, visits to social services, travel costs (the court with jurisdiction over the child may be far away from the relative’s home)


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