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WHATProvides support services to grandparents raising grandchildren or other relative children with developmental disabilities, chronic health conditions and learning and behavior disorders.
WHYTo help older adults with the challenging task of caring for their grandchildren or other children of relatives with developmental disabilities.
WHEREGrandparents Raising and Nurturing Dependents with Disabilities. (Project GRANDD) Innovative Solutions for Disadvantage and Disability. Georgia, USA.

Program Description

“Project GRANDD is a community based support program for grandparents in the greater metropolitan Atalante area who are raising their grandchildren with disabilities, chronic illness, and behavior or learning difficulties.”

Project GRANDD provides free support services to grandparents to help them care for their grandchildren including:

  • Support Groups
  • Education and Training
  • Individual & Family Case Management
  • Home Visits
  • Family Fun Day
  • Food, Clothing and  Necessities Assistance 

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