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WHATSupport services database for grandfamilies including kinship care payments, financial assistance, education, and state specific laws and legislation on adoption, foster care, kinship care, and guardianship.
WHYTo help grandparents and kin who are adopting a child of a family member with legal support and information on how to receive financial assistance.

Program Description

“A searchable database of laws and legislation affecting grandfamilies both inside and outside the foster care system for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.”

“ 'Without legal custody, I can’t enroll my grandchild in school.' 'I can’t consent to my nephew’s physical, since I’m not his guardian.' These problems exist throughout the country. To obtain a legal relationship to the children, these caregivers face different concerns than non-related caregivers raising children. For example, a grandmother may not want to sue her daughter for adoption…”
- provides free legal resources to help support grandfamilies. covers important information on topic grandfamilies face including:

  • Adoption – types of adoption, relative preference in adoption and adoption assistance payments.
  • Care & Custody – adoption, open or cooperative adoption, guardianship, guardianship by probate court, standby guardianship, temporary guardianship, limited guardianship, guardianship by family or dependency court, legal custody, de facto custody, power of attorney and consent.
  • Education – access to education for adopted, foster or children under guardianship, residency requirements for school districts and more. 
  • Federal Child Welfare Kinship Laws – information on the Family First Prevention and Services Act, a child welfare law that follows the principle that children do best in families.
  • Financial Assistance - temporary assistance for needy families (TANF), foster care payments, adoption assistance, subsidized guardianships.
  • Healthcare – access to kinship caregiver and child heathcare services.
  • Housing - government assisted housing options for grandfamilies and housing developments specifically for grandfamilies.
  • Guardianship Assistance - guardianships assistance programs (GAP)


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