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WHAT A comprehensive, detailed program for young people to understand the elderly better by sharing experiences with each other and learning through sensory exercises what it actually feels like to grow old and what happens to the body as we age.
WHY To increase awareness of senior citizens and eliminate some of the myths around the perception of aging.
WHEREUniversity of Illinois Extension Developed by Molly Hofer
4-H Awareness Project,
4-H Clubs.
Urbana, IL,USA.

Program Description

"You will not actually walk in another person's shoes, but you will learn to understand older people better by sharing their experiences. You will learn, through many activities, what it feels like to grow older and what happens to our bodies as we age."

Intergenerational learning takes place when young people understand that sensory changes in vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste can affect the way older people perform activities of daily living such as open a pill bottle, walk up and down stairs, smell a flower, or read the newspaper.

Some of the topics youth will learn in the "Walk in My Shoes" Program include:

-Becoming aware of attitudes toward aging and older people
-What is true and what is not true about aging and older people
-The aging process and the physical changes that occur

-How living with physical and sensory changes affects older people
-How to communicate with older adults who have sensory losses
-To develop intergenerational inkages within families and communities

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