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WHAT Seniors go undercover to evaluate how sensitive to seniors and elder friendly a business is and then report back to the organization, which then decides whether to give the business their elder friendly seal of approval.
WHYThe program is in place to help businesses better serve senior customer needs and is nationally recognized.
WHERE Action for Older Persons.
New York, USA.
Program also available in other participating states across the USA.

Program Description

"The Elder Friendly Business Certification Program uses secret shoppers, age 60 or older, who evaluate businesses on rigorous standards of accessibility, customer service and layout. The Elder Friendly Business Certification Program is a nationally recognized program that has been replicated in 13 regions in 9 states..."

The “Elder Friendly Business Certification” Program recruits volunteer senior secret shoppers to evaluate businesses. Volunteer seniors look for things that make a business sensitive to senior needs and senior friendly such as accessibility, customer service and layout.

If a business is certified Elder Friendly, they will receive a seal of approval of being an Elder Friendly business, an Elder Friendly decal will be placed at the entrance of the business and they will be listed in an Elder Friendly Business Directory.

The “Elder Friendly Business Certification” Program relies on senior volunteers to make sure that businesses are meeting the needs of the senior population. Once volunteers are trained to be “Elder Friendly Evaluators” they will be sent "undercover" to businesses and report their results back to the program.

The “Elder Friendly Business Certification” Program is part of a national program currently running in several states. The program rates the level of senior friendliness of various restaurants, retail stores, and services.

The aim of the organization, “Action for Older Persons” is to help seniors, their families and caregivers by providing information to prepare for the aging process. The organization also provides senior programs and services in the areas of:  Advance Planning, Long-Term Care, Medicare and Health Insurance Benefits Seminars and Counseling, Retirement, Financial and Estate Planning, Elder Abuse, Computer Training Classes, Intergenerational Programs.


American Society on Aging: Education for Businesses on the Aging Population Program- provides education and senior awareness and sensitivity training for businesses on the aging population's consumer habits, boomer lifestyles and marketing, along with legal issues and workplace and retirement issues. Across USA.

Changing Agefor BusinessProgram -Providing businesses in the United Kingdom with senior awareness and sensitivity training so that products and services are better able to reach the senior market.

Generations Award Senior Marketing Program - Increasing awareness of purchasing power of seniors by holding an International competition for excellence in marketing to the senior market.
Program available and open Internationally.

Senior Friendly Communities
Senior Awareness and Sensitivity Training




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