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WHATA toolkit providing advice for older adults on how to avoid senior scams, protect their identity and credit, make investments, apply for mortgages, and manage their health.
WHYTo help stop senior fraud, crimes against the elderly and prevent elder financial abuse.
WHEREThe Division of Consumer Affairs.
New Jersey, USA.

Program Description

" 'Five years after its initial launch, we've updated the very successful FedUp curriculum because con artists are constantly planning new ways to defraud senior citizens,' Attorney General Chiesa said. 'We enforce the Consumer Fraud Act when things go wrong – but, just as importantly, we're using education and outreach to help senior citizens better protect themselves and their hard-earned assets.' "

–Press Release 'FedUp' Program Helps Seniors Protect Themselves Against Scams, Fraud, Identity Theft and More.

The Division of Consumer Affairs provides seniors with current consumer complaints, fraud alerts, information about a business or professional license, and can act as a resource where seniors can report suspected fraud.

The Senior Fraud Education and Protection Program covers important topics to protect seniors against crime such as:

  • Lemon Laws, Auto Sales and Auto Repair, Home Repair Scams, Charity Scams - hiring a contractor, purchasing a motor vehicle, and learning whether a charity is legitimate before you make a donation.
  • Avoiding Common Scams such as: the ‘Grandparent Scam’ and other impostor scams; the many types of Internet-based fraud, and sweepstakes and telemarketing scams.
  • Phishing and Internet Safety
  • Impostor Scams
  • Online Buying and Selling Scams
  • Sweepstakes and Telemarketing Scams
  • Identity Theft Credit and Debt - tips for seniors on how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft; steps to take if you believe you have become a victim; and information on how to avoid being scammed while trying to repair bad credit.
  • Investment and Securities Fraud and Mortgage Scams - a rundown of the ‘Top 10 Investment Scams’ and frauds related to mortgages and foreclosure.
  • Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse, Be Smart with your Medications, Choosing a Doctor, In-Home Care - information on preventing prescription drug abuse, choosing a doctor, and working with in-home care providers.
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