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WHAT An elder fraud and crime prevention program that teaches seniors how to recognize potential scams before they happen and how to avoid becoming a victim.
WHYTo protect seniors from being victimized by crime and financial exploitation.
WHEREDepartment of Senior Programs and Services.
Westchester County, NY, USA.

Program Description

"Smart seniors are safe seniors."

"Seniors are often targeted for identity theft, telemarketing and sweepstakes fraud, and home improvement rip-offs. And with so many seniors using the Internet, online scams are an increasing concern."

The Senior Crime Busters Program empowers seniors by providing them with information they can use to protect themselves against fraud and abuse in their daily lives.

Law enforcement officials, social service agencies and non-profit organizations are represented and speak on a variety of topics related to crime and fraud prevention such as the most common scams, techniques scammers commonly use, and who to alert if senior identifys a scam or are victimized.

Common senior scams discussed include:

-The Medical Alert Scam
-Electric Service Companies
-Health Care/Medicare/Health Insurance Fraud
-The Pigeon Drop
-The Relative or Grandchild Scam
-Magazine Sales and Lottery Scams

Seniors also learn how to protect their physical safety in situations such as shopping at the mall or walking in a neighborhood park.

The Senior Crime Busters Program is available at senior centers, assisted living facilities, houses of worship, and libraries.

The program received a 2009 Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties and is sponsored by the following organizations: Westchester Elder Abuse Coalition of the Department of Senior Programs and Services, and includes the Departments of Consumer Protection, Social Services (DSS) and Public Safety, the Office for Women, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the Pace Women’s Justice Center and numerous other not-for-profit agencies.

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