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WHATEducates, provides resources and trains faith leaders and community members on how to support victims of domestic violence and elder abuse.
WHYTo promote safe and effective faith-based responses to domestic violence and elder abuse.
WHERESafe Havens.
Founder - Rev. Dr. Anne Marie Hunter Massachusetts, USA.

Program Description

“We are looking for congregations that are interested in multi-religious efforts to expand awareness and education on domestic violence and elder abuse.”

“Elder abuse occurs when an older adult is willfully neglected or abused. Elder abuse may be physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, spiritual, or financial. People who abuse older adults include family members, intimate partners, caretakers (paid or volunteer), friends, neighbors, bankers, lawyers, a person in a position of authority, or a person with whom there is an expectation of trust. Most abusers are intimate partners and family members, and most abuse happens in the home. The victims are primarily women, but may also be men. Elder abuse affects people of all faiths”

“We dream of and work toward a world in which faith leaders respond compassionately and effectively to survivors of domestic violence and elder abuse. Together, we can build communities where all people are safe with faith.”

" …we know that many people turn to trusted faith leaders in a moment of crisis. These faith leaders can play a critical role in helping survivors of abuse reach professional services safely. The problem is that many faith leaders lack training or resources to do so. Our hope is that by building bridges between service providers and faith communities, we can establish more trusting relationships between these two groups, and ultimately, serve victims better and save more lives.”

Safe Havens encourages individuals and families to lean on their faith community for support, safety and connect with elder abuse prevention services.

Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence and The National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life published the guide: Where Faith and Safety Meet: Faith Communities Respond to Elder Abuse Information for Faith Communities and Faith Leaders about Elder Abuse and How to Help.

The guide covers definitions of elder abuse, red flags and warning signs, how the faith based community can respond to elder abuse, safety planning, hotlines and referrals.

Safe Havens works with diverse faith congregations, an advisory board, faith community members, domestic violence service providers, and business experts.

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