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WHATResources, training, tools and information to help law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, health care professionals, those in the financial industry, other professionals and the public fight elder abuse and financial fraud targeted towards seniors.
WHYTo help fight against elder abuse and protect older adults.
WHERE Elder Justice Initiative.
Department of Justice.
Based in Washington, DC, USA.
Across the USA.

Program Description

“The mission of the Elder Justice Initiative is to support and coordinate the Department’s enforcement and programmatic efforts to combat elder abuse, neglect and financial fraud and scams that target our nation’s seniors.”

“Elder abuse is an intentional or negligent act by any person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to an older adult. It is a term used to describe five subtypes of elder abuse: physical abuse, financial fraud, scams and exploitation, caregiver neglect and abandonment, psychological abuse, and sexual abuse.”

The Elder Justice Initiative works with federal, state, local and tribal departments to help stop elder abuse.

The Elder Justice Initiative provides elder abuse training, resources, research, victim services, enforcement and public awareness. 

Programs include:

Elder Abuse Training - for law enforcement including elder abuse training videos, podcasts, pocket guide, and an online tool Elder Abuse Guide for Law Enforcement (EAGLE) which allows those in law enforcement to identify, intervene and resolve elder abuse situations with penal codes, checklists and resources.

Elder Abuse Training for Prosecutors and Judges - Training videos and resources for prosecution of elder abuse cases.

Financial scams targeting older adults
- Investigating and prosecuting cases and senior scam alerts such as IRS and Tax Scams through E-mail, Phishing or Malware, Sweepstakes & Lottery Scams through Fraudulent telemarketers, Sweetheart Scams through dating and chat sites or social networking befriending an older adult to carry out a financial scam, Tech Support Scams where by callers try to gain remote access to an older adults computer through the phone.

Elder Abuse Research – a large research database including forensic research and data related to elder abuse including articles, books, government reports and other resources.

Victim Specialists Helping Victims of Elder Abuse – helping elder abuse victims, families or caregivers by connecting them to resources and information and assist in making a safety plan. Victim Specialist aim to ensure that elder abuse victims are treated with respect and know their rights with respect to the criminal justice system.

Tribal Elders – Protecting American Indian and Alaskan Native elders from elder abuse through the United States Attorneys’ Offices with the help of a Tribal Liaison. The Rural and Tribal Elder Justice Summit increases awareness and training specific to this particular area of abuse.
Multidisciplinary Team Technical Assistance Center
- investigate and prosecute elder abuse cases and help victims of elder abuse.

The Elder Justice Initiative helps prevent elder abuse and also supports victims of elder abuse by providing stories of abuse, warning signs and information with respect to:

-Physical Abuse
-Psychological Abuse   
-Financial Exploitation
-Neglect and Abandonment
-Sexual Abuse

The website also provides information on elder abuse specific to the financial industry on fraud and scams along with health care professionals and faith based leaders.

The Elder Justice Initiative website has helpful flyers and brochures to help increase awareness about elder abuse and how to get help.

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