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WHATElder financial abuse prevention training programs, including community education seminars, workshops, videos, public awareness campaigns, outreach and partnerships.
WHYTo increase awareness and provide education to prevent elder financial abuse through partnerships, community outreach, and professional training.
WHEREThe Elder Financial Protection Network.
California, USA.

Program Description

"(The Elder Financial Protection Network) has facilitated numerous successful interventions and increased incident reporting statewide resulting in the prevention of millions of dollars in losses to California seniors."

"Experts say elder financial abuse will be the 'crime of the 21st century' as the growing senior population becomes a target. Regrettably, many seniors are victimized by their own relatives or caregivers — people they generally trust."

"Financial exploitation takes many forms. Some seniors are 'befriended' by con artists who make their living preying on others. Some are deceived by bogus sweepstakes, lotteries and telemarketers whose products are worthless, overpriced or non-existent. Others are pressured into giving "gifts." Seniors may risk losing their homes through unfair or misleading home equity agreements or fall prey to unscrupulous home repair contractors, trust mills, or sales of inappropriate financial products and services."

The website offers detailed information on the following:

  • What is Elder Financial Abuse?
  • How to Report Suspected Elder Financial Abuse
  • Types of Elder Financial Abuse
  • Protect Yourself
  • Warning Signs of Elder Financial Abuse
  • Who Are Abusers of the Elderly?
  • Identity Theft

The Elder Financial Protection Network’s ‘Be Wise’ community education programs and videos can be used for elder financial abuse training for financial institution employees with the goal of prevention and early intervention.

The Network also offers the following elder abuse prevention services:

  • Be Wise: Prevent Scams, Fraud, and Identity Theft training seminars.
  • Developing Community-Based Collaborative Partnerships to Fight Elder Financial Abuse.
  • Elder Financial Abuse and California’s Mandatory Reporting ACT.
  • Annual Call to Action - professional conference, luncheon, and award ceremony.

For anyone looking for ideas on how to help prevent elder abuse, the Elder Financial Protection Network suggests that individuals, community groups or corporations promote elder abuse prevention awareness. The website contains a ‘Be Wise’ community outreach tool kit with brochures, statement stuffers, posters, web and newsletter content.

The Elder Financial Protection Network has been endorsed by the California State Attorney General, California State Treasurer, and the United States Speaker of the House. The network has also received the Distinguished Service Award for Elder Abuse Prevention from the Attorney General of California in 2003.

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